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ALL THE NAMES & PLACES ARE FICTITIOUS . Any royal titles, MEDICAL PROCEDURES, MEDICAL TERMS, MILITARY PROCEDURES, MILITARY TERMS, Punjabi terms, architectural terms, IT terms & programs, office hierachy, wedding rituals, etc. There also maybe some HINDU MYTHOLOGICAL references but they all are from my imagination hence THEY ARE NOT TRUE. If any resemblance to persons, places, events and stories is there, it is purely coincidental! It has FANTASY (totally untrue) undertones to it. KINDLY READ IF ONLY COMFORTABLE!!!









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Chapter X: Red Alert

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Saucechips/ Sabi

“Your home is very nice. So is this chicken-tikka appetizer,” Aakash said, after trying to think of something to say to the woman in front of him who he thought was looking almost intimidatingly beautiful that night. “Who made this?”

Payal smiled at him. “I did. You know, when I’m not teaching kids why calling each others’ dads bald is impolite, I try my hand at cooking sometimes.”

“Incredible” Aakash said, a little too gushingly perhaps, he thought, cringing inwardly. “And you are so amazing with the kids. You clearly love kids. So do I. I mean I really love kids.”

“Oh. How nice.” Payal replied politely.

“Other people’s kids, of course. Not like I have any of my own. Thank the Lord for that.”


“Not that I wouldn’t want kids ever. Some day, why not. I mean I like kids, but I like other people’s kids for now…

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Epilogue: Curtain Falls and Swan Songs (II)

A River Runs Through It

Here’s wishing everyone here a Merry Christmas!

May the season of giving sprinkle your worlds with magic dust and unbounded joy!

The little alleyway by the side was now extremely well lit, freshly painted and teeming with people walking in and out of the two sets of washrooms on either end. If anyone had told her that this was the passage to her heart and her heartbreak from a decade ago, she wouldn’t believe it. How could any two people ever have snatched any moments of privacy here as Arnav and she once had? Of course, how could anyone of any age, let alone an eighteen year old with more lights in her eyes than good sense demanded, sit by herself alone – singing, no less – on a ghat by the Ganga without either worrying for her safety or scrunching up her nose at the filth?

“Revisiting all these…

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Chapter Twenty One: Thick As Thieves

Please read this super story …FWD to any publisher if anyone knows

A River Runs Through It

For Nivi: What can I ever write that will deserve your verse. Perhaps over a lifetime, little bits will add up to be worthy of your magic!

When she waved him off outside her door, she finally understood what all the Hindi songs about waiting and restlessness were about. It wasn’t like she hadn’t been happy before. There were many moments of achievement in her life – she had worked hard for those and rejoiced when they came to fruition. There were just as many moments of disappointment too – ones she had worked just as hard for and yet had to deal with heartbreak and failure. But this…this sense of tranquility laced with a tang of anticipation was – like finding a five hundred rupee note in the pocket of an oft-washed pair of denims. The thought made her chuckle and break out into a little two-step as…

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